Emergency Exit Signs

Widely regarded as a prevalent safety equipment in the event of a crisis, it is essential to ensure the proper placement and operation of your exit & emergency lights. Strict restrictions are in place on the use and placement of emergency lighting and signs. As a fact, the Singapore Civil Defence Force Fire Code requires the placement of exit and directional signs in buildings over every exit on every floor. Directional signs are to be provided in long corridors and open floor areas, as well as in any situation where the exit is not immediately visible. While only a handful of people will be capable of utilising a fire extinguisher, everyone will be relying on these signs to lead them to safety. Coming to that point, Denko exit signs and emergency lights are designed complying with PSB TUV, PLS Listed and Singapore Standards, that includes the regulated battery duration, ISO-green, and more.

Slim Flex LED EMERGENCY Exit Sign
EmFLEX 1602M / RM Series

Slim Flex LED EMERGENCY Exit Sign
EmFLEX R1602M / RM Recessed Series

LED Slim Emergency Exit Sign
EmEX 1602M Series

LED Slim Recessed Emergency Exit Sign
EmEX R1602M Series

White LED Slim Emergency Exit Sign
SLED W1201M Series

LED Slim Box Emergency Exit Sign
BLEX W2001M Series

LED Recessed Box Emergency Exit Sign
BLEX W2001M Recessed

LED Weatherproof Emergency Exit Sign
WLEX 100M Series

Emergency Lights

NARROW BEAM 4W LED Mini Recessed Emergency Light

EASI LED Recessed Emergency Light

Safeway LED Twin Emergency Light
DL 2018NM

 LED Twin-Flood Emergency Light
EmDL 203NM / EmDL 205NM

LED Twin-Flood Weatherproof Emergency Light

Decorative LED Twin-Flood Emergency Light
DL 2301NM

Weatherproof Decorative LED Twin-Flood Emergency Light
DL 2301NM (WP)

LED Recessed Emergency Light

Venus LED 10W Surface Emergency Light
EmLED 110NM Surface 

Venus LED 10W Recessed Emergency Light

LED Auxiliary Emergency Light

LED Compact Emergency Light
EmCEL 12NM / 12M

LED Compact Emergency Light

Emergency Conversion Kits

LED Emergency Conversion Kit

Compact Emergency Conversion Kit
FL 140M-EV58